Our Story

A story of intuition, insight, and innovation

In an ever-changing media landscape, ID8 Media was the result of opportunity: What if we answered the industry’s demand for a devoted, all-in-one media house to which others could outsource their work?

What we offer is not simply a service—we offer a vision.

The company was designed to navigate the complexities of media and production to create high quality work. Why should companies have to remain atop new trends if we could do it for them? Why should they have to coordinate complex productions to guarantee top-class work, or ensure a sizable share of market value?

ID8 is a specialist organization that helps companies navigate media, design, and production, via a crew of media and production experts. We stay on top of developments in media and technology trends, compounding them with our nuanced understanding of corporate needs and creative work to maximize our clients’ impact—a real 360 agency that covered all bases; be it social media marketing, online video series, a Netflix show, a live event, or all of them combined.

The Team

Creating ID8 Media meant bringing together the right expertise and passion to innovate and produce exceptional work.

It meant assembling a passionate, incredibly talented group of creatives and executives who create ideas of their own and respond to clients’ needs.

Our team consists of professional creatives and marketing experts who understand the intricacies and ins-and-outs of different markets, with an advanced understanding of technology and media.

The core team has been at the forefront of technology and media for over a decade, bringing tremendous experience to its technical understanding of different audiences, cultures, and media. We take an all-hands-on-deck approach, cutting red tape to allow everyone to work together to assemble work we’d proudly call our own.

Join the team

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