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Omar Abdel Qader

Co-Founder and CEO

As a strategist and entrepreneur, Omar’s professional experience is built upon a unique vision of experimental content and production, based on instinct, experience and international trends.  

During 12 years spent in Al Jazeera Media Network in Qatar, Omar occupied multiple positions as a products and project manager, senior innovation specialist and executive producer.  

Throughout his career, Omar has led talented teams of creatives, managers and producers to create strategic and innovative content over a variety of digital platforms. Omar has built teams, defined and articulated strategies, designed and revamped multiple TV and digital programs, delivering original, social and culturally relevant content. Focusing on the digital sphere, Omar co-founded and managed “Al Jazeera O2”: the entertainment digital arm of Al Jazeera Media Network.

In 2021, Omar co-founded ID8 Media, responding to a new era of media with a holistic approach to content creation and production, marketing, digital spaces, design and branding. 

Omar has also cofounded Al Sharq Youth Forum in Turkey in 2012 and has been an advisory board member since 2016.


Shows & Series

Dahaleez Amr Waked | Investigative Show

Tasjeelat Wardi | Music Show

Chextadium | Football Show

Al Snafeya | Cartoon Series

The Shuaib Parliament | Cartoon Series

Al Qessa O Ma Feha | Current Affairs

Launch Campaigns & Promos

Al Jazeera O2 | Channel Promo

Al Jazeera O2 | Shows Promo

Al Snafeya | Song Clip

The Shuaib Parliament | Show Promo

The Shuaib Parliament | Song Clip