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Strategic Overview of ID8 Media's Visual Mastery in "IraqGT Show"


Project Excerpt:

The collaboration between ID8 Media, UTV Iraq, and ArabGT in automotive digital content represents a remarkable example of innovative media synergy, despite facing logistical, cultural, and safety challenges during production in Iraq. Fusing ArabGT's deep-rooted automotive acumen with ID8 Media's expertise in digital production, and UTV Iraq's extensive outreach, the project has transcended the norms of car review content. It integrates an array of educational and interactive elements, fostering a more enriched viewer experience, while navigating through the complexities of field production. The alliance has culminated in a vibrant visual identity, significantly amplifying UTV Iraq's online footprint and shaping automotive trends and consumer perspectives amidst production hardships. This venture stands as a testament to the transformative impact of collaborative and inventive approaches in the media field, showcasing resilience and dedication under challenging conditions.





Scope of work:

creative logo


creative logo




to the Case Study

This case study highlights the pioneering collaborative project between ID8 Media, UTV Iraq, and ArabGT in the field of automotive digital content. Combining ArabGT's comprehensive automotive knowledge, ID8 Media's digital production, and UTV Iraq's wide-reaching media influence, this collaboration set out to redefine automotive content beyond traditional car reviews, despite encountering significant logistical, cultural, and safety challenges in Iraq.


Aiming to craft a diverse and dynamic program, the project covered everything from in-depth car reviews to educational segments on automotive technology, all while developing a bold visual identity that echoes the vibrant world of automotive culture. This identity integrates a striking color palette and innovative design, reflecting the project's journey through production challenges.

The study examines the project's significant contributions to car literacy, public engagement, the growth of UTV Iraq's social media presence, and its impact on automotive trends. Through overcoming production obstacles, the collaboration not only elevated the benchmark for automotive digital content but also highlighted the effectiveness of strategic partnerships in creating content that is both informative, engaging, and visually captivating.


Client in focus


UTV Iraq and ArabGT have embarked on a pioneering journey, harnessing the power of ID8 Media's extensive expertise in visual content creation.

This collaboration has resulted in a full-fledged show package that encapsulates the thrill and finesse of automotive excellence. Arab GT, revered as a premier Arabic platform dedicated to automobile aficionados, leverages ID8 Media's rich tapestry of digital production. Their content is not just produced; it's crafted with precision, tapping into the pulse of the Middle Eastern car culture.

Each episode is a testament to the meticulous collaboration,where ideation and production converge to craft narratives that resonate with the audience's passion for cars. The project is propelled by a team of seasoned professionals who are not just skilled in their respective domains but are also connoisseurs of content that moves and excites.

UTV IraqGt
UTV IraqGt

defining the Challenge

UTV IraqGt


the Challenge

UTV Iraq faced a multifaceted creative challenge in delivering automotive content that was both engaging and technically proficient. ID8 Media stepped in to bridge the gap, curating a full show package that holistically tackled show ideation, content creation, production, and the crafting of social media assets that resonated with the target demographic of Arab GT.

The challenge was to produce content that stood out in a saturated market, capturing the essence of automotive enthusiasm while remaining informative and visually captivating. ID8 Media's expertise in visual content production, honed over 13 years, was instrumental. Their approach melded technical capabilities with creative storytelling, ensuring that every aspect of the program, from the studio discussions to the detailed car segments, was not only informative but also aesthetically pleasing and emotionally resonant.


Logistical, Cultural, and Safety Challenges in Iraq:

In the field of television and digital content, creating a distinctive identity and branding for a show, especially one centered around the highly visual and passionate world of automotive culture, is a formidable challenge. The task is compounded when the content is meant to engage a dedicated and knowledgeable audience. For UTV Iraq's collaboration with ArabGT, the challenge was multi-dimensional, encompassing the need to establish a strong visual identity, a cohesive branding strategy, and innovative graphics that would capture the essence of the automotive experience.

Navigating Logistical Hurdles in a Complex Environment:

(The production process in Iraq faced formidable logistical challenges, from securing equipment and locations to coordinating the movements of crew members across diverse and often difficult terrains. Managing these logistical aspects was crucial to ensure the smooth progression of field production, emphasizing the need for meticulous planning and local expertise.)

Cultural Sensitivity and


Understanding and respecting the cultural landscape of Iraq was paramount. The production aimed to honor the rich cultural heritage and current societal norms of Iraq, requiring a sensitive approach to content creation and community interaction. This cultural awareness was not just about avoiding missteps; it was about genuinely engaging with the culture to produce content that resonates with local and regional audiences, thereby enhancing the project's authenticity and relevance.


Ensuring Safety Amidst


Safety considerations were at the forefront of the production process, given the complex security landscape in Iraq. Implementing rigorous safety protocols and continuously assessing risks were integral to protecting the crew, participants, and the project itself. This focus on safety was a testament to the commitment to creating a secure production environment, even in the face of potential hazards.


Field Production as a

Cornerstone of the Work:

Field production in Iraq was not just about capturing footage; it was about overcoming obstacles and leveraging opportunities to tell compelling stories. The team's dedication to fieldwork under challenging conditions showcased their commitment to authenticity and depth in storytelling. This hands-on approach in the field was essential for capturing the essence of the automotive culture in Iraq, making it a critical component of the project's success.


UTV IraqGt

Identity and Branding Challenges:

Establishing a Unique

Visual Language:

Creating a unique visual language that resonates with the target audience while differentiating the show from competitors is a significant challenge. The identity must capture the excitement and sophistication of the automotive world and translate it into a visual format that is immediately recognizable.




The show needed to connect culturally with its Arabic-speaking audience, requiring a deep understanding of regional preferences and nuances. The branding had to be approachable and engaging without losing the global appeal of the automotive industry.


Consistency Across


Maintaining consistent branding across various platforms, including television, social media, and other digital mediums, is crucial. This consistency helps build brand equity and audience loyalty but requires a strategic approach to ensure adaptability without losing the core brand message.


Balancing Information with


As an educational yet entertaining automotive show, the branding needed to strike a balance between being informative and captivating. This means the visual identity should be both credible as a source of knowledge and exciting as a form of entertainment.

Utv Iraq Gt
Utv Iraq Gt
Utv Iraq Gt

Graphics (GFX) Work Challenges:

Complexity in Motion


The automotive subject matter demands dynamic and complex motion graphics that can illustrate the intricacies of car mechanics, the thrill of racing, and the sleekness of car designs. Crafting such graphics requires a high level of technical skill and creative flair.




Representing technical details in a visually appealing way is another challenge. The graphics need to be accurate enough for car enthusiasts to appreciate the details while still being accessible to casual viewers.


Storytelling Through


Graphics must tell a story, not just present information. This involves creating a narrative flow within the graphics themselves, ensuring they contribute to the episode's overall storytelling.


Innovative Use of On-Screen

Real Estate:

Efficient and innovative use of the on-screen space is crucial, particularly when displaying technical data or car specifications. This means designing graphics that are informative without cluttering the screen or overshadowing the cars themselves.



The Need for

ID8 Media's Expertise

To overcome these challenges, ID8 Media leveraged its expertise to create a full show package that was both visually stunning and brand-cohesive. They developed a color palette that reflected the vigor and excitement of the automotive world while ensuring it was flexible enough for various applications. The logo design was crafted to be sharp and angular, capturing the essence of modern automotive design and performance.

The typography chosen was modern and sans-serif, which not only aligned with the contemporary nature of the brand but also conveyed authority and confidence. For the graphics, ID8 Media used animation techniques that implied movement and speed, essential for a show centered on cars and racing.

The creative direction taken by ID8 Media for the branding and GFX work of UTV Iraq's show was aimed at crafting a unique, memorable experience that would not only draw viewers in but also keep them engaged episode after episode. The resulting product was a testament to the ability to transform creative challenges into an exemplary display of automotive artistry and storytelling.


Strategic Overview

Addressing UTV Iraq's

Challenges with GFX Work

The strategic approach taken by ID8 Media was to build a comprehensive show package that encompassed show ideation, content production, and the creation of a robust visual identity. The challenge lay in crafting a GFX work and branding strategy that was not only visually arresting but also resonated with the core audience of Arab GT. This involved developing a color palette that was striking and offered high visibility within the automotive sector, ensuring that the visuals were compelling enough to stand out in the competitive landscape of car enthusiast platforms.

GFX Work Executed

Design Aspects:

Colour Palette:

The color palette is striking, with a focus on high contrast and visibility, which is key in the automotive sector. The use of primary colors along with black and white forms a visually arresting palette that can be easily recognized and is versatile enough for various applications.


Logo Design:

The logo design is sharp and angular, conveying a sense of precision and cutting-edge technology. The integration of the letter 'G' and the number '7' creates a unique symbol that stands out and encapsulates the brand’s name, "Iraq GT". The variations of the logo suggest adaptability across different mediums and contexts.



The typography used in the lower third graphics is modern and sans-serif, which aligns with the contemporary nature of the brand. The use of caps lock in the text implies authority and confidence.


Graphic Elements:

The graphic elements like the horsepower indicator and the spark plug icon are creative representations of the brand's connection to automotive performance. They also add a layer of visual interest and storytelling to the overall design


Layout and Framing:

The frames around the car and the scenic images are not just decorative; they focus the viewer's attention and give the composition a structured, professional look. It's an effective way to highlight key visuals and maintain a clean, organized layout.


Photographic Style:

The photographic content has a stylized approach with desaturated backgrounds, emphasizing the subject in focus. This style is reminiscent of magazine-quality visuals and gives the brand a premium feel.


Branding Consistency:

Across all design elements, there is a consistency in style, color, and typography which is crucial for brand recognition. The balance between the stylish, modern elements and the traditional aspects of the imagery (like the historic buildings) suggests a brand that respects its heritage while looking forward to the future.


Motion Graphics

Results and impact

Results and


When measuring the results and impact of the "Between Us" show package created by ID8 Media for Al Jazeera English, several key outcomes can be highlighted to illustrate its success:

Innovative Approach to Car Literacy:

  • Content Diversity: Beyond typical car reviews, the program showcases educational content about the latest automotive technologies, safety features, and environmental considerations. This approach caters to an audience increasingly interested in sustainable and technologically advanced vehicles.
  • Educational Impact: By emphasizing automotive education and awareness, the program positions itself as a leader in the field, attracting not only car enthusiasts but also novices interested in learning more about vehicles.

Enhanced Public Engagement:

  • Interactive Formats: The use of interactive elements like Q&A sessions, polls, and user-generated content has fostered a strong community among viewers. This engagement ensures viewer retention and appeals to new audiences seeking a participative and inclusive platform.
  • Community Building: These strategies are crucial in creating a loyal audience base in today's digital era, where viewer interaction plays a pivotal role in content success.

Boosting UTV Iraq's Social

Media Presence:

  • Wider Audience Reach: The collaboration has significantly increased UTV Iraq's social media following and engagement rates. By combining ArabGT's automotive specialization with ID8 Media's digital production expertise, UTV Iraq has expanded its audience beyond traditional car enthusiasts.
  • New Opportunities: This growth in digital footprint opens new opportunities for sponsorships and advertising, benefiting UTV Iraq's brand visibility and commercial prospects.

Influence on Automotive

Trends and Public Opinion:

  • Trendsetting Role: The program's content not only engages but also informs consumer choices in the automotive sector. It plays a crucial role in influencing car buying decisions, showcasing the program's influence as a trendsetter.
  • Sectoral Impact: The program steered the movement towards legalizing activities that many deem a passion and hobby, consequently fostering a safe and welcoming space for Automotive sports enthusiasts and car aficionados. It has also had a remarkable social and behavioural influence within these communities.

In summary,

This project stands as a powerful example of how strategic collaboration and innovative content creation can bridge the gap between expertise and audience engagement.

It has effectively transformed the automotive content landscape, enriching the media experience for viewers and setting new standards in digital automotive content.

Utv Iraq Gt

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